Recently, many hosting providers offer VPS / VDS servers. This article explains what VPS is and when it can be useful to the average user.

Most users use a computer to access the Internet in order to obtain business or entertainment information. In this case, the computer establishes a connection via the Internet to a server containing the necessary data, downloads and processes them. But what if you have the opposite task: you need to provide access to your computer via the Internet. Consider examples of cases when this may be required:

  • You have a database on your computer. For example, it can be a 1C base or just an internal customer base. You would like to get access from home, from work, while on vacation, etc. That is, from any place where there is Internet access.
  • You want to provide a certain service to a wide audience on the Internet. Moreover, this will be not just a static site, but a site that uses a database and special services to generate content.
  • Want to organize your game server to play with friends, and possibly strangers who connect to you via the Internet.
  • You have a mobile application under the emulator and you want it to work regardless of your computer and be accessible from anywhere where there is Internet access.

In order to provide access to the local computer, it is necessary to solve a number of problems. Firstly, you need to rent a static ip address from your Internet provider and ensure the appropriate bandwidth of the Internet channel. Secondly, to keep the computer turned on around the clock so that users have access to it at any time. To solve these problems, providers offer a service called Virtual Private Server or VPS. Sometimes this service is called VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server). VPS is an ordinary computer, but located on a server in the provider’s data center. VPS provider offers its round-the-clock work and access to the Internet. The user can install the same software as on a personal computer, but the virtual server will always be turned on, accessible from the Internet and will not interfere with local work. Consider Alipay VPS server, and it will solve the above problems.

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